The College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo was established in the 1946-1947 academic year in response to the growing need of California for professionals in the “built environment”.  

In line with the core philosophy of “learn by doing”, students of the college have access to unique facilities, such as:

  • Poly Canyon, a 12-acre construction laboratory 
  • Neel Resource Center for special building materials, including print and digital resources
  • A dedicated photo lab with digital and video production support
  • Specialized computer rendering and graphics laboratories
  • A Support Shop, which is an indoor / outdoor space with tools and supplies for student projects
  • And a Solar Decathlon, an experimental solar home designed and constructed by students and faculty

60 years later, students of the college continue to contribute to the global economy with graduates working on all continents, including our own backyard of San Luis Obispo County. 

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Departments & Degrees

There are eight departments that comprise the College of Architecture and Environmental Design with five that map directly to their undergraduate baccalaureate degree programs; seven academic programs in which to minor; and three programs where students can earn a graduate degree.

Architectural Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering
  • Minor, Architectural Engineering
  • Master of Science, Architectural Engineering


  • Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
  • Minor, Architecture
  • Master of Science, Architecture

City and Regional Planning

  • Bachelor of Science, City and Regional Planning
  • Minor, City and Regional Planning
  • Master of City and Regional Planning

Construction Management

  • Bachelor of Science, Construction Management
  • Minor, Construction Management

Landscape Architecture

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  • Minor, Landscape Architecture

Real Property Development

  • Minor, Real Property Development

Sustainable Environments

  • Minor, Sustainable Environments

Transportation Planning

  • Masters of City and Regional Planning 
  • Masters of Science, Engineering

California Center for Construction Education

The California Center for Construction Education (CCCE) is an education resource for design and construction students, and provides practical instruction aligned with Cal Poly’s “learn by doing” philosophy.  

Through the program, students of Construction Management at Cal Poly graduate with the knowledge required to manage construction projects of all sizes and scopes, from residential developments to sports stadiums, dams, and larger infrastructure projects. 

Additionally, students gain the critical skills around performing in the construction industry; their ability to problem solve with technical knowledge gained in the program; understand how to work in an interdisciplinary team environment; leadership attributes; communication; and garner a sense of community, service, and lifelong learning.

Contact Information

Architecture and Environmental Design
Building 5, Room 212
(805) 756-1311

Architectural Engineering
Building 21, Room 110
(805) 756-1314

Building 5, Room 212A
(805) 756-1316

City and Regional Planning
Building 5, Room 313
(805) 756-1315

Construction Management
Building 186, Room A100
(805) 756-1323

Landscape Architecture
Building 34, Room 251
(805) 756-1319