The College of Liberal Arts at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is one of the most expansive and diverse colleges on the campus, and touches the educational program of nearly every student. 

Their degree programs span the spectrum from humanities to communications, graphic and performing arts, philosophy, Psychology, and World Languages.

Students of the college graduate with the necessary tools to thrive in a complex, multicultural world where they continue to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.

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Departments & Degrees

The College of Liberal Arts houses 19 departments, each with their own unique blend of majors, minors, and masters programs.  Below is a summary of each department and the degrees awarded.

Art and Design

  • Bachelor of Fine Art, Art and Design
  • Minor, Art History
  • Minor, Photography and Video
  • Minor, Studio Art

Communication Studies

  • Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies
  • Minor, Communication Studies


  • Bachelor of Arts, English
  • Minor, English
  • Minor, Linguistics
  • Certificate, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Certificate, Technical and Professional Communication
  • Master of Arts, English

Ethnic Studies

  • Bachelor of Arts, Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • Minor, Ethnic Studies
  • Minor, Indigenous Studies in Natural Resources and the Environment

Graphic Communication

  • Bachelor of Science, Graphic Communication
  • Minor, Graphic Communication
  • Professional Certificate in Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging


  • Bachelor of Arts, history
  • Minor, Asian Studies
  • Minor, History
  • Master of Arts, History

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies


  • Bachelor of Science, Journalism

Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies

  • Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies


  • Bachelor of Arts, Music
  • Minor, Music


  • Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy
  • Minor, Philosophy
  • Minor, Religious Studies

Political Science

  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
  • Minor, Global Politics
  • Minor, Law and Society
  • Minor, Political Science
  • Master of Public Policy

Psychology and Child Development

  • Bachelor of Science, Child Development
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology
  • Minor, Psychology
  • Minor, Child Development
  • Minor, Gerontology
  • Master of Science, Psychology

Science, Technology, and Society

  • Minor, Ethics, Public Policy, Science and Technology (EPPST)
  • Minor, Gender, Race, Culture, Science and Technology (GRCST)
  • Minor, Media Arts, Society and Technology (MAST)
  • Minor, Science and Risk Communication (SRC)

Social Science

  • Bachelor of Science, Anthropology and Geography
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
  • Minor, Anthropology and Geography
  • Minor, Latin American Studies
  • Minor, Sociology

Theater and Dance

  • Bachelor of Arts, Theatre Arts
  • Minor, Dance
  • Minor, Theatre Arts

Western Intellectual Tradition

  • Minor, Western Intellectual Tradition

Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Minor, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Minor, Queer Studies

World Languages and Cultures

  • Bachelor of Arts, Spanish
  • Minor, French
  • Minor, German
  • Minor, Italian
  • Minor, Spanish

Expressive Technology Studios

Cal Poly held a groundbreaking ceremony for their Expressive Technology Studios on May 3, 2019, a 3,500 square foot facility that will house state-of-the art equipment and technology for students of the college. 

The Expressive Technology Studios will also house an outdoor courtyard and amphitheater; immersive sound studio; editing bays; digital effects computer studio; and an immersive sound studio.

The studio is expected to open in 2021, and naming opportunities are still available in support of the college and the studio.  For more information contact the Director of Advancement, Jacquelyn Hayes, at jnhayes@calpoly.edu or call (805) 756-7052.

Contact Information

College of Liberal Arts
Building 47, Room 31
(805) 756-2359

Art and Design
Building 34, Room 169
(805) 756-1148

Communication Studies
Building 47, Room 33
(805) 756-2553

Building 47, Room 32
(805) 756-2596

Ethnic Studies
Building 38, Room 136
(805) 756-1707

Graphic Communication
Building 26, Room 201
(805) 756-1108

Building 47, Room 27
(805) 756-2543

Interdisciplinary Studies
Building 47, Room 14
(805) 756-2740

Building 26, Room 228
(805) 756-2508

Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies
Building 47, Room 34G
(805) 756-1132

Building 45, Room 129
(805) 756-2406

Building 47, Room 37
(805) 756-2041

Political Science
Building 47, Room 14
(805) 756-2984

Psychology and Child Development
Building 47, Room 24
(805) 756-2033

Science, Technology, and Society
Building 47, Room 14
(805) 756-2740

Social Science
Building 47, Room 13
(805) 756-2260

Theater and Dance
Building 45, Room 103
(805) 756-1465

Western Intellectual Tradition 
Phone: (805) 756-2359

Women’s and Gender Studies
Building 47, Room 25H
(805) 756-1525

World Languages and Cultures
Building 47, Room 28
(805) 756-1205