The College of Science and Mathematics at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo oversees the educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of biology, chemistry, kinesiology, physics, mathematics, and statistics. 

The Learn by Doing philosophy of Cal Poly is also deeply embedded in the College; students in science and mathematics majors do everything from mapping ocean floors to working on atomic particle colliders, and statistical analysis. 

Additionally, students of the college are well-poised to become future teachers and administrators; Cal Poly’s School of Education is housed within the College of Science and Mathematics, and gives students the needed tools and resources in math, technology, and science to be successfully in the ever-changing classroom.  

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Departments and Degrees

The College of Science and Mathematics houses eight departments that award ten undergraduate degrees, six graduate degrees, and the teaching credential programs. 

Below are the various departments and the degrees awarded through the college:

Biological Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science, Marine Science
  • Bachelor of Science, Microbiology
  • Minor, Biology
  • Minor, Biotechnology 
  • Minor, Microbiology 
  • Minor, Environmental Studies 
  • Master of Science, Biological Sciences
  • Master of Science, Biological Sciences, Specialization in Regenerative Medicine

Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry with Concentration in polymers and Coatings 
  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry 
  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry with Concentration in Polymers and Coatings
  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry or Chemistry, Teaching Option 
  • Blended Bachelor of Science & Master of Science, Polymers and Coatings 
  • Master of Science, Polymers and Coatings Science

Kinesiology and Public Health

  • Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Science, Public Health
  • Master of Science, Kinesiology

Liberal Studies

  • Bachelor of Science, Liberal Studies Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program


  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
  • Concentration, Applied Mathematics
  • Concentration, Pure mathematics
  • Concentration, Teaching Mathematics 
  • Minor, Mathematics
  • Blended Bachelor of Science and Master of Science, Mathematics
  • Master of Science, Mathematics


  • Bachelor of Science, Physics
  • Bachelor of Arts, Physics
  • Minor, Astronomy
  • Minor, Environmental Studies
  • Minor, Geology 
  • Minor, Physics


  • Bachelor of Science, Statistics 
  • Minor, Statistics 
  • Minor, Actuarial Preparation 
  • Minor, Data Science
  • Certificate Program, SAS

School of Education

  • Credential, Single Subject
  • Credential, Multiple Subject
  • Credential, Special Education
  • Credential, Administrative Services
  • Credential, Bilingual Authorization
  • Master of Education, Educational Leadership
  • Master of Education, HECSA
  • Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Master of Education, Special Education

Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics

The Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics is a 189,000 square foot academic and research center at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo that opened in the summer of 2013. 

Designed by ZGF, the building was made possible by voter-approved education bonds and $19 million in private donations, and houses classrooms, laboratory and research space, and offices for faculty, staff, and administration as well as several indoor and outdoor study and collaboration spaces. 

The building was also certified as LEED Gold, meaning the designers achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for certain design elements incorporated into the building. Examples would include the passively ventilated atrium; radiant heating and cooling; and a hydronic chilled team that heats and cools the laboratories, reducing energy consumption by 30%. 

To learn more about the college and Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics register for a tour, or visit the Admissions Department for a comprehensive Campus Tour.  

Contact Information

College of Science and Mathematics
Building 229C
(805) 756-2226

Biological Sciences
Building 33, Room 281
(805) 756-2788

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Building 180, Room 206
(805) 756-2693

Kinesiology and Public Health
Building 43A, Room 451
(805) 756-2545

Liberal Studies
Building 25, Room 125B
(805) 756-2935

Building 25, Room 208
(805) 756-2206

Building 180, Room 204
(805) 756-244

Building 25, Room 107D
(805) 756-2709

School of Education
Building 02, Room 120
(805) 756-2126