Food & Drink Instagram Accounts: 9 in SLO County You’ll Want to Follow

There is so much good food and drink in SLO County, and most restaurants, bars, and wineries have found their way onto instagram.  So how do you know who to follow in the sea of accounts on insta? We follow a lot of places, and think these nine food & drink instagram accounts are just killing their insta game.  Check them out, and get ready to drool through your feed!


Ember is one of the top restaurants in SLO County, and one glance at their insta feed will tell you why they are one of the best food & drink instagram accounts.  Their feed look absolutely amazing, and the pictures they post make us want to try every single thing on their menu.  Their location in Arroyo Grande is also just the perfect setting for what looks to be the meal of a lifetime.

Tooth & Nail Winery


Tooth & Nail Winery is located in wine country in Paso Robles, and their wine tasting room is literally a castle with a moat.  A real castle with a real moat! How could you not want to follow that?! And their insta feed is full of the life you’d expect someone living in a castle in wine country to lead giving the rest of us minions something to dream about…

Farmhouse Corner Market

Farmhouse Corner Market is a brand new restaurant in San Luis Obispo, and is definitely one of the most instagrammable places in all of SLO County.  The vibrant colors, amazing food, and beautiful location all contribute to their amazing feed, and we just love the joy and color it brings to our day.

Madonna Inn

The Madonna Inn’s insta feed is truly a dream in pink.  The hotel is located in San Luis Obispo and is famous for their 110 individually themed rooms, pink champagne cake, and their stunning location (not to mention the waterfall in the men’s restroom!).  We just love the color and the camp of their feed making it one of our favorite food & drink instagram accounts.

Firestone Walker

Firestone Walker’s flagship brewery is in Paso Robles, but they also have breweries in Buellton and Venice.  We love their insta feed for the pics of beer (of course), but it’s also fun to get that peek behind the curtain when they post pics of what they’re brewing next, or celebrating their craft at annual events.

High Street Deli

We already love the food at High Street Deli in San Luis Obispo so following them was a no brainer, but it turns out their account is amazing.  They are constantly posting pics of all their incredible sandos, and every time there is one we haven’t tried we just have to go back.

Nite Creamery


Nite Creamery is located in San Luis Obispo, and is known for their nitrocrafted ice cream that is frozen with liquid nitrogen instead of in a freezer.  Ice cream is automatically a win in our book so it was easy to follow Nite Creamery (who doesn’t want to look at an ice cream food & drink instagram accounts all day!), but their insta really is worth the effort to add to your feed for the beautiful pictures and hilariously witty captions.  

Six Test Kitchen


Six Test Kitchen is a new restaurant in Paso Robles, and is one of the most interesting and delicious eating experiences in the entire county.  The restaurant only seats 12 for their pre-fix dinner menu, and the images on their insta feed are a perfect window into the journey patrons go on while trying the incredible food and drink at Six Test Kitchen.  



Every image on Seeds’ page is a clean, clear, beautiful representation of their food and their philosophy behind the restaurant, and you can expect to experience exactly that when you visit their location in San Luis Obispo.  We love the constant images of their food and products, and the natural beauty it brings to our feed.