These days you can find Harmony Valley Creamery Ice Cream in over 60 grocery stores in California, but the Town of Harmony – Population 18 is where they call home.  Learn more about what makes their ice cream so special, and how to visit their scoop truck for yourself! 

The Ice Cream

When Harmony Valley Creamery reopened in 2016, they came back with a bang in a restored 1957 DIVCO milk truck serving artisan ice cream with flavors inspired by the central coast.  

The coffee flavored ice cream, for example, is made with beans roasted by Spearhead Coffee, a local coffee shop in San Luis Obispo, and their customizable ice cream base is from Cal Poly.

Today there are eight flavors on the menu for you to choose from :

  • Shoreline Swirl Salted Caramel
  • Cow Town Coffee Bean
  • Blue Door Butter Pecan
  • School’s Out Strawberry
  • Doo Dah Mint ‘n Chip
  • Local Yodelers Cookies ‘n Cream
  • Harmony Chapel Chocolate
  • Mayor Freddie’s Vanilla Bean

Our current favorite is the Shoreline Swirl Salted Caramel, but we’ll keep coming back until we’ve tried them all! 


Not only is the Harmony Valley Creamery Scoop Truck a fun way to enjoy a sweet treat, you can bring the truck to your next event. For more information on rates and availability reach out via their website, or talk to them when you next see them in person.

If renting the scoop truck isn’t a possibility for your next big event, you can also buy their ice cream from one of the over 60 groceries stretching from San Luis Obispo to San Diego! 

Our Experience

Over the years we have had Harmony Valley Creamery ice cream at a lot of different events, but it was only recently that we visited their location in the actual town of Harmony.  

No matter where we’ve had their ice cream it is always delicious, with the only difference being what’s available at events versus when they are parked in Harmony.

On the day we came to the ice cream truck in Harmony we had been in Cambria for lunch, and felt like some ice cream before heading home. 

There are places in Cambria we could have visited, but the Harmony Valley Ice cream is just so good and we couldn’t pass up the chance to visit.  

Once we arrived in Harmony and parked it was a fun and easy walk through the town to get to the ice cream truck, even though there is some construction going on to restore the town.

The ice cream truck is parked half-way through town, and has a few cute chairs and tables set up outside so we could sit and enjoy our ice cream, or take it with us as we wandered back through the town.  

Right now they have some incredible flavors on the menu, but the salted caramel has to be the current #1 in our book.  It’s just that perfect combination of sweet and salt, and we could not get enough!

The day we also tried the Local Yodelers Cookies & Cream, which was also very good, but the Salted Caramel still won out.  Every flavor we’ve tried really is delicious though, even the Blue Door Butter Pecan which neither of us usually like!

You can also get the ice cream on a cone or in a cup, and they have both waffle cones and regular cones to choose from.  

There are not restaurants in Harmony yet, so we usually go to the ice cream truck after a day at the beach in Cayucos or after a delicious lunch in Cambria…or really whenever we feel like making the drive! 


Harmony Valley Creamery can trace its roots back to the original creamery in Harmony, which opened its doors in 1913.  The creamery served Harmony and San Luis Obispo County for 57 years until it closed in 1970, seemingly for good. However, 46 years later the hiatus was over, and Harmony Valley Creamery opened again in 2016 as an ice cream truck.  

Today Harmony Valley Creamery continues to serve its ice cream to locals and tourists alike from their renovated DIVCO Milk Truck up and down the central coast. 

Most weekends you can find them right by the old creamery in Harmony, but you can also find them at events, wineries, and farmers markets throughout the county.

These days you can even buy individual pints sold in over 60 grocery stores stretching from San Luis Obispo to San Diego!

As the Town of Harmony – Population 18 continues to grow, Harmony Valley Creamery has plans to grow with them.  Once the old creamery is restored in the town, Harmony Valley Creamery will move in and make it their permanent location, and sell cheese, milk, and butter in addition to the ice cream they’re already so well known for.  


2177 Old Creamery Road
Harmony, CA 93435

  • From 101 South, turn left on Harmony Valley Road (approx. 4 miles south of Cambria).  Continue on Harmony Valley Road approx. 250 feet, and turn left onto Old Creamery Road.  The Harmony Valley Creamery truck will be parked approx. .1 miles on Old Creamery Road on the left.
  • From 101 North, turn right on Harmony Valley Road (approx. 7 miles north of Cayucos).  Continue on Harmony Valley Road approx. 250 feet, and turn left onto Old Creamery Road.  The Harmony Valley Creamery truck will be parked approx. .1 miles on Old Creamery Road on the left. 

There is only street parking available in Harmony, but there should be no trouble finding a place within close walking distance of the Scoop Truck.

Contact Information


(805) 927-1028




Where to Find the Scoop Truck:

Town of Harmony – Population 18

Saturday & Sunday

11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Downtown SLO Farmers Market

Weekly on Thursday

6:00 pm. – 9:00 p.m.