On August 30, Ignite Booty School hosted the first ever Booty Pageant at SLO Brew Rock in San Luis Obispo.  Seven contestants shook their money makers while competing in three categories: Individual Performances, Question and Answer, and Special Talent.  

Check out our adventure at the Booty Pageant below, and find out how you can sign up for classes to learn how to shake your thang too! 

The Booty Pageant

The Booty Pageant was definitely inspired by traditional beauty pageants, but the moment host Sabrina Pratt took the stage you knew this was no regular event. 

The pageant ended up being a “hot mess of comedy, competition, Booty-positivity, drag, and burlesque”, and we were treated to some of the best acts on the central coast.

Just like beauty pageants, the show was broken down in three segments. 

The seven competitors each performed individually, participated in a question and answer period, and performed a hidden talent for the audience at the end of the pageant. 

As straightforward and boring as that may sound this pageant was anything butt! 

Even the opening act of the pageant was in line with the booty-ness of the night. 

Judge Stormy Silva took the stage to perform her stand-up comedy and just killed it! 

No topic was off limits with Stormy, and her silly faces, body gestures, and great jokes were the perfect way to start off the night and set a positive, fun tone for the competition instead of cutthroat seriousness.  

Lady Galaxy was the first competitor to take the stage for the Booty Pageant, and set the bar on what it means to shake it!  Her performance was full of funny moments (how can you not love the big lips on her booty!), which were only possible because she is so good at her craft.  

Next up was the Pour Pixie, and we had no idea what to expect.  She entered the stage in a very cute pixie outfit with a haircut to match, and skipped around the stage before her routine turned into this ethereal blend of booty, music, and light.  It was incredible!

Chief Thighs took the stage next with his long, silky black hair and itty bitty briefs.  To say the least the room was lit with every pump, thump, and grind as he dominated the stage as the only male in the pageant.

 After Chief Thighs the show had a brief intermission where we were treated to a performance by students (and owner!) of Ignite Booty School.  The strength and sass of these women took over the room, and everyone knew who was in charge.

Caramel Aphrodite took the stage after the students of Ignite Booty School.  Even with a mask and more clothes than most of the other contestants, she captured our attention from the second she walked on stage, and delivered one of the best performances of the night.

Glamazon was the next competitor, and performed a beautiful burlesque-inspired routine.  This girl still knows how to shake it though, and was one of the few contestants who ended up topless! 

Asian Persuasion was up next, and definitely the most flexible of the competitors at the Booty Pageant.  As the choreographer for Ignite Booty School she also had a really beautiful routine, and left us all amazed with what she is able to do with that booty! 

The final contestant of the night was Roxy Royale, who in real life is known for her gourmet brownies.  Those sweets took center stage for her routine too as she made some of the hottest brownies on stage, and shook it all over her kitchen.  

After all the competitors had taken the stage, the owner of Ignite Booty School performed to close out the competition and showed us all why she is the BOSS!  

Shawna Mox, Ignite Booty School

And a special shout-out to the stage hands who made every setup and breakdown something special to see.  Who knew moving chairs could be so exciting! 

The Stage Hand

The last portion of the Booty Pageant was the combined Q&A and Hidden Talent portion. 

Each contestant had the opportunity to address the crowd, and share their talent.

Answers ranged from the importance of booty (of course!), and the best talents of the night were the spanks from Caramel Aphrodite, and the twerking from Asian Persuasion (the glass on her head never moved!).  

At the very end of the night the audience was treated to a performance by Juicy C-W, who was also a judge at the pageant. 

We had not seen Juicy perform before, and it was the perfect ending to a fun hot night!

You can find Juicy performing with Glitterotica, which is a “community of performers, artists, and producers collaborating to create transformational events that facilitate sexual liberation in a safe community…” or follower her on instagram at @juicy_cw!

After Juicy’s performance the judges needed just a few minutes to finalize the scores and determine the winner of the first ever Ignite Booty Pageant.

Everyone was waiting in anticipation and trying to figure out who won while rooting for their favorites.

We had been cheering for Carmel Aphrodite from the moment she took the stage, but thought it would be a close call between Asian Persuasion and our favorite.

That spank in the talent portion just had to push her booty-liciousness over the top and secure her win though!

At the end of the night we were thrilled to hear Caramel Aphrodite’s name announced as the first ever winner of the Ignite Booty Pageant. A huge congratulations to you, and we hope to see you perform again soon!

Caramel Aphrodite, Ignite Booty Pageant Winner

About Ignite Booty School

Ignite Booty School is a six-week fitness program designed to build confidence, sculpt that booty, and provide a community space for self expression and creativity through dance.  

Learn more about Ignite Booty School and how to sign up for classes by visiting their website or follow them on instagram! 


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