On May 19, 2019 world-renowned artist Bruce Munro unveiled his largest art installation to date: Field of Light at Sensorio.  The stunning exhibition will be open to visitors through September 30, 2021 for its inaugural run at Sensorio, which will see major development in the future with new exhibitions and buildings opening in 2021, as well as a conference center and hotel accommodations planned to open in the future. 

Experiencing the Field of Light

Imagine walking through a huge sunken field in Paso Robles with the natural beauty of the vineyards and oak trees in the distance.  The field is full of these tiny white bulbs that are pretty, but give away no secrets of what’s to come when night falls.  

Closer to dusk the bulbs begin to hint at what to expect with pale splashes of color, but reveal no secrets and keeping their true beauty hidden.  Finally at nightfall the incredible beauty of Bruce Munro’s Field of Light at Sensorio is realized with breathtaking views of the valley and hills colorfully lit up, replacing what was simply a field of bulbs into the spectacular display of light and color.

As darkness sets in the strength and beauty of the lights continues to grow, and appears to be a different exhibition every time you walk the pathways.  From gentle pinks and blues to intense greens and reds there is color everywhere, truly a sight to behold.


Bruce Munro’s Field of Light at Sensorio is located in Paso Robles on Highway 46 East, approximately six miles from the 101 Junction.  Our navigation system took us the “back way” along Airport, Dry Creek, and Jardine Roads, but there appears to be a left-hand turn into Sensorio directly from Highway 46.  

Upon arrival visitors will drive roughly a quarter mile to the parking lot, and walk another hundred feet or so to the entrance and ticket booths.  Upon entering, guests are greeted with the sounds of live music from their amphitheater that is surrounded by a huge grassy area; a merchandise stand where you can purchase everything from posters to sweatshirts, mugs, and more; a covered seating area with benches and tables; and a food truck with delicious food, dessert, and drink options (we highly recommend the beignets!).  

There is also a VIP area behind the amphitheater, but you must purchase a specific ticket to gain entrance to this space.  The VIP deck area offers stunning views of the Field of Light where guests can enjoy a private picnic dinner and drinks, and a fire pit to help keep you warm during the cool summer nights.  

When ready, guests can cross the grassy area to reach the field of light, a multiple-acre sunken garden hidden from the sights and sounds of the passing highway 46 and nearby Paso Robles.  There are multiple hard-packed dirt pathways to walk through the art installation, and plenty of benches to stop, rest, and appreciate the beauty before you.


Guests are welcome at Sensorio Thursday – Sunday during April and May. Beginning in June, guests can also visit on Sundays through the end of the exhibit in September.

General Admission tickets grant you access to the Field of Light and new Light Towers exhibit. VIP Experience tickets are also available for purchase, which grant you access to a special area to view the exhibit as well as unique food and drink options.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit the Sensorio website. 


Guests are welcome to arrive as early as 6:30 p.m. when the parking lot opens, but reservations do not allow entrance to the Field of Light until 7:00 p.m. at the earliest, and you cannot enter until the reservation time on your ticket.  Guests are welcome to enjoy the Field of Light at Sensorio until 10:00 p.m. Thursdays and Sundays, and until 11:00 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Tips for Your Trip

1. Dress Warm

The days may be warm in north San Luis Obispo County, but the nights tend to drop significantly, especially during the hours you’d want to be at Field of Light.  We visited in May and I still wore my big jacket!

2. Wear Solid Shoes

The pathways around the Field of Light are made up of compact dirt, are clearly marked, and easy to walk.  But remember you’ll be traveling through the exhibit at night, and as bright as the lights are the path is not lit up.  I wore my boots and it was perfect – I felt secure walking around and they kept me warm!

3. Professional Photography is Not Allowed

Sensorio notes on their website that guests are more than welcome to take pictures during their visit to Field of Light with handheld equipment, like with your smartphone or camera.  However, guests can not bring any more extensive or professional photography / video equipment on site, like tripods, lighting, or flashes.  

This is important for those of us who love to take selfies!  The bulbs in the field do not produce enough light to take a picture in the dark of you and your closest friends.  Many people we saw used a friend’s flashlight on a separate phone to light up their faces, which worked great!

4. The Food is Really Good

There is a food truck on site that offers everything from warm drinks to food, desserts, and adult beverages.  We indulged in the beignets covered in chocolate and were not disappointed!

5. Don’t Step Off the Path, Really!

The bulbs that make up the Field of Light are very delicate, and connected by thin fiber optic cables to a solar panel that gives them life and color.  If you try to take a picture in the middle of the lights you risk ripping the cables from the bulbs, and no one would love you for ruining the beauty and the light! 

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Artist Bruce Munro on the Field of Light Exhibition at Sensorio