The Madonna Inn guest rooms are nothing like any other hotel you may get to visit in a lifetime.  Not only are each of the 110 guest rooms individually decorated with themes ranging from Hearts and Flowers to Country Gentleman (and inspiration coming from Madonna’s favorite places like Portugal, Holland, and France), they also feature unique amenities like rock showers, private viewing towers, and waterfalls! 

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All of the guest rooms (and many of the windows throughout the entire property) are also adorned with leaded glass work that depicts the theme of the room, or other beautiful scenes like those found by the Silver Bar Cocktail Lounge.  

The exterior of the inn was inspired by the Swiss Alps, and incorporates many of those elements into the design with carved railings, boulders, and pink accents everywhere (the Madonna Inn’s signature color) . 

Although the guest rooms are each individually decorated, there are several different types to choose from to meet your needs when visiting the Madonna Inn.  


There are five different types of suites at the Madonna Inn: Luxury, Deluxe, Junior, Two Bedroom, and Three Bedroom.

Luxury Suites

The Luxury Suites are all found in Building 3, and include 1 or 2 King beds in each room that can sleep 2 – 4 people. 

The seven guest rooms that make up the Luxury Suites are some of the largest available single room units, and include unique amenities like waterfall showers and fireplaces made of rock alongside traditional items like fridges and soaking tubs.  

Deluxe Suites

The Deluxe Suites are very similar to the Luxury Suites, and some of the rooms even share some of the same unique amenities, like waterfall showers and fireplaces made from rock.

The main difference is the overall size of the rooms, and that there is only one king bed in each room (with the exception of Kona Rock which has a hideaway bed). However, two of the Deluxe Suites are extra special and have the only private viewing towers of any room at the inn! 

Junior Suites

Just like the Luxury and Deluxe Suites, the 15 Junior Suite rooms are all located in Building 3 and feature 1 or 2 king beds in each room that can sleep up to four people. 

Although the Junior Suites are defined by their king beds, many of the rooms are still adorned with unique amenities similar to the Luxury and Deluxe Suites, like the showers and fireplaces made of rock.

Two & Three Bedroom Suites

In addition to the Luxury, Deluxe, and Junior Suites, the Madonna Inn also has Two and Three Bedroom Suites that can sleep between four and seven people in a variety of beds. 

Located in Buildings 1 and 2, these rooms feel more like small apartments with a living room, multiple bedrooms, traditional bathroom, and dry kitchen with a small fridge. 


If finding a room with a Rock Shower or a Rock Waterfall Shower is the most feature in a Madonna Inn guest room, then there are 13 rooms that are just for you. 

These rooms are all found in Building 3 with the other suites, and come adorned with a rock shower or rock waterfall shower and king bed.

These “Rock” rooms may not have all the other amenities of the suites, but they are some of the most popular at Madonna Inn and book quickly!


In addition to the suites, the Madonna Inn has 63 Standard and Economy Rooms to choose from.

Each guest room is still individually decorated with the finesse you come to expect from the Madonna Inn, but you will not find any rock showers, rock waterfall showers, or fireplaces.

Instead you’ll find fun, funky, and beautiful spaces inspired from places around the world and the perfect room to enjoy your stay at one of the most iconic hotels in all of California. 

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Room 140: Bridal Falls

The Bridal Falls Room at the Madonna Inn is a Luxury Suite, and was inspired by Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite, one of the most popular waterfalls in the entire park.

Room 184: Just Heaven

Room 184, Just Heaven, truly is a piece of heaven at the Madonna Inn. The room is a Deluxe Suite, and is one of only two rooms that has its own private viewing tower!

Room 108: Country Gentleman

The Madonna Inn’s Room 108 is their version of a stately English Manor fit for a country gentleman. The two-bedroom suite large and comfortable, and can sleep up to four!

Room 155: Hearts & Flowers

Everyday is Valentine’s Day in the Madonna Inn’s room 155, Hearts & Flowers. The room is inspired by love, and meant to express those unspoken words of the heart.

Room 212: Fleur De Lis

The Fleur De Lis is the national flower of France, and is the inspiration for room 212 at the Madonna Inn. This Multiple Standard Room sleeps up to four, and make you feel like you’ve stepped into the pages of a French dream.

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